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Happy people more likely to work out


Happy people more likely to work out

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Getting emotions right could be the first step in any gym regime, new research has claimed. Whilst warming up and stretching muscles is important before taking on any physical exercise, getting in the right frame of mind may also be just as important, with those who are happy much more likely to get themselves into the gym in the first place, reports. Research from the John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio, found that those in a happier frame of mind were significantly more likely to plan and execute an exercise regime than those who were feeling a little sadder. This was worked out by dividing a group of volunteers into three groups, then showing one a series of funny clips, one a sad film involving the death of a family pet and the last, a documentary on business. This was hoped to foster respective feelings of happiness, sadness and neutrality. Each group then filled out a questionnaire - aimed at discovering their willingness to exercise and overall mood - which showed that those in a happy mood found exercise much more appealing. The study, its authors have claimed, shows that people should base the decision on whether or not they go out into the garden gym not on feelings, but on innate knowledge. "It might not be easy," study leader Jennifer Catellier told, "but basing decisions on information and knowledge - instead of emotions or feelings - may help you make decisions that are ultimately better for your health."


David Howells

23rd January 2013