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Gym goers refuse to sweat it out for the risk of embarrassment


Gym goers refuse to sweat it out for the risk of embarrassment

Our Solution

New research reveals not all gym goers are making the most out of their work outs, mainly down to appearance reasons. A study from sports equipment supplier Kettler revealed that one in three gym users spend less than five minutes per session working up a sweat, with the remainder of the time spent chatting and reading. Other wasteful uses of their time included watching football on big screen TVs and 'chilling out' around the pool as nearly two-thirds of the 2,000 participants admitted to not getting the most out of their membership.  The results cited by showed Brits getting increasingly lazy and unwilling to shed their excess baggage despite paying hundreds of pounds each year to be a gym member. However, their reluctance to really get moving was largely put down to saving face.   More than one in ten said they were too self-conscious to do a proper workout and wouldn't feel comfortable with people watching on. Other results showed that 39 per cent avoid certain equipment as they had no idea how to use it. More than a half said they don't do extensive workouts, while a total of 29 per cent said they made a conscious effort not to sweat. Furthermore, nine per cent said they would even be embarrassed if they started to perspire. In which case, the best solution for these groups could be a garden gym, where users could privately learn how to use their own equipment and sweat without anyone watching on. Cited by, a spokesman for Kettler said home workouts could provide the ideal solution.   "It's understandable that people feel self-conscious at the gym, especially if you have joined up to lose a large amount of weight," he commented. "You don't necessarily have to join the swankiest gym in town to get fit, plenty of exercise can be done in the comfort of your own home without prying eyes."


Richard Towey

28th January 2013