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Fewer Brits cooking from scratch


A third of Brits would like to do more 'real' cooking, according to the

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According to research from Love Food, 3.6 million parents now consider heating up a ready meal or putting a pizza in the oven as cooking. What's more, the number of people preparing a meal from scratch every night has declined by 50 per cent over the last two decades, suggesting that Brits might be losing their ability to cook. The research did reveal that many people would like to cook more, though, with 31 per cent of respondents saying they wanted to make more traditionally British dishes. A fifth of those polled can cook at least ten recipes from a cookery book but only 19 per cent do so regularly. The study of 2,000 adults, which was commissioned by Paragon Books, shows that there is now a heavy reliance on convenience foods, where perhaps time and physical space for cooking is hard to come by. While many people don't have kitchens that fully accommodate their culinary interests, some are turning to their garden for a solution and using contemporary garden rooms as an 'outdoor kitchen'. These spaces are ideal as they can be equipped with running water and fully powered. The results indicate that there is still an appetite for cookery, so says Vickie Voss, head of cookery at Paragon Books. Brits have less time to cook, she told, but still want to provide good food. This is evidenced by the popularity of television cookery programmes.


Elizabeth Smythe

28th December 2012