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Don't let the snow ruin your garden, advises expert


Don't let the snow ruin your garden, advises expert

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While there is little that gardeners can do in a snow-covered yard, it is advisable not to just sit and twiddle thumbs, reports According to gardening expert Linda Fort, writing for, the best thing that gardeners can do in snowy conditions is to start reading and planning. Sifting through seed catalogues, gardening books and magazines in the warmth of a garden office, for example, can help inspire gardeners at a time where activity in the garden is limited. However, gardeners thinking of building a snowman in their back garden may want to think twice, according to Fort. "If you do build a snowman or heap piles or snow on to the lawn or borders displaced from paths and drives, you could do damage, as the heaps take longer to thaw, by blotting out the light for weeks on end," she said. If gardeners insist on heading out onto the snowy lawn then one job that remains important it to ensure the weight of the snow is not damaging shrubs or pulling climbers from the wall. In addition, conical conifers can suffer permanent damage to their "attractive outline" should snow weigh down an odd branch. "Heavy snow can bend branches out of shape and even break them," she advises.


Ashley Curtis

25th January 2013