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Britain's self-employed population rises 367,000 since recession


Britain's self-employed population rises 367,000 since recession

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The number of people leaving their jobs to enter the world of self-employment has leapt by 367,000 over the last five years, reports The Office for National Statistics has revealed an increase to 4.2 million people since the start of the recession in 2008, although most new freelancers and entrepreneurs have made the move over the last two years. A rise of 219,000 self-employed Brits occurred between 2011-2012 as England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales recorded increases within their respective regions. Only Northern Ireland failed to register a hike in its number of self-employed workers, as figures actually dropped.  Other readings show that self-employed workers tend to be of an older age and far more likely to be male than female. A total of 70 per cent of this group are male with an average age of 47. By comparison, says the average employee is 40.  ONS says most self-employed workers base their operation in London and the South West. The lowest numbers were found in the North East, Scotland and Yorkshire.    Meanwhile 58 per cent of self-employed workers use their own home as their business headquarters. In which case those reaping success may wish to upgrade their workspace, perhaps in a garden office to keep their work and personal life apart. Of those working outside of their home, the most popular jobs were taxi driver, construction trades, carpenters and farmers.


Richard Towey

1st January 2013