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Why the Garden Play Room Could Be Fun For All!

Many parents find that having children to be equally wonderful, exciting and overwhelming time - and one of the big surprises is how much space such tiny little people take up! Almost before they're born, babies seem to have more things than their parents and it only gets worse as they get older!

Many people would love to extend their property, but between obtaining planning permission, the expense and the disruption to the house with a young child around, it's not a very appealing option.

A garden nursery and play room could well be the answer to your prayers and there are a lot of benefits to using some of the extra space from your garden to make a nursery and playroom that will stay with your children as they grow.

Firstly - and possibly most importantly - it will leave bedrooms solely for sleeping. Children are very good at making patterns and if they come to associate their bedrooms with playtime, it may affect their ability to sleep effectively. It's much better to have a dedicated playroom so that bedrooms are solely to sleep.

Another great benefit is that playrooms make for a tidier home. Without the toys, books and children's items throughout your house, it not only looks tidier but you're also in much less danger of accidentally stepping on building bricks or toy cars in the dark!

One very attractive reason for having a playroom as children grow is that they make playdates easier. A convenient play space that's set up to encourage children to play will often lead to them playing side by side, in what behaviourists will call 'parallel play'. This in turn leads children to experiment with their socialisation and they begin to play co-operatively, which leads them to begin to learn to share and develop higher social skills.

Playrooms also lead children to practice their verbal and nonverbal communication skills as well as think out loud about their experiences, the happenings and their emotions. This kind of development is extremely valuable.

Having your playroom at the end of your garden not only gives you a dedicated space to allow your child to play and grow, but it can be a much more attractive option than undertaking a property extension. Garden Spaces rooms can often be built without planning permission and without the disturbance to the main body of the home that is caused by traditional building. All of our structures are designed to the space you have available, meaning that you get a room that works with your garden and not against it - and best of all, the SIPs panel construction keep your garden room usable all year round, being cool in summer and warm in winter.

No matter when you decide to install your garden playroom, the convenient and quick building process means you can get to enjoying it with your children with a minimum of fuss!

Date: 30/06/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges