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Why is ‘cosy’ such a huge deal?

Whether you follow the news avidly or just happen to catch morning radio bulletins while commuting, it seems apparent to all that the world is more stressful than it used to be. World events, politics and even extreme weather make headlines daily and between radio, television and even our phones, it can be hard to unplug.

This could explain the recent upsurge of interest in the Danish principle of 'Hygge', which is pronounced something akin to "hyoo-guh". It's a very fluid concept, but essentially relates to comfort and being removed from anything overwhelming, resulting in calm and contentment. A candlelit dinner with friends can be hygge, a glass of wine on a hillside while reading a book can be hygge.

While Denmark has this principle is at the core of the national character, it's not something many British families are prepared for. Many Danish houses could feature on the cover of 'Beautiful Interior Design Magazine' with large sofas, wood panelling and candles - the Danes use more candles per person than anyone in Europe - but British family life makes this impractical.

Instead, most British families are more familiar with living rooms subjected to loud searches for school bags or football boots, grabbing a quick tea in front of the evening news before heading to the gym (or pub!) and such like. Although the Brits could love and benefit from hygge, it is not, generally speaking, something that fits in naturally.

This is where the Garden Spaces could be the saviour! Using some of the extra space from your garden for an extra room could have huge benefits for family life, whilst keeping a living room that works as family life dictates. Garden Spaces rooms are tailored to each individual garden and are constructed from SIPS - thermally efficient panels that keep the room not only usable but comfortable all year round.

During these cold Winter months, serving hot chocolate and watching a film with the family under blankets is an amazing way for everyone to relax and being away from the main body of the house removes the temptation to do the washing up or 'quickly' respond to that email! As the weather warms, longer evenings could be spent having a garden picnic in Spring or having friends over for a Summer barbecue and relaxing with wine and candles as the Sun goes down.

There are lots and lots of articles that highlight the importance of taking time to disconnect from technology, spend time with family and have that sense of calm that Denmark understands so well. The ability to use the extra space in your garden means that, not only do you have the little oasis of calm that perfectly lends itself to the hygge experience, it's there and available for the whole family without the need to make major alterations to either the main body of the home or how your family use it.

Date: 23/03/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges