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Top Ten Mandatory Man Cave Accessories

Once you've staked your claim to the spare room, cleared out the garage, or installed a garden room, turn that square footage into a man cave paradise with these top ten must-haves.

1. Somewhere To Sit

A reclining chair is essential. Leather is probably best since any dropped takeaway / spilt beer / ground in crisps will be easily wiped off. A built-in massage system would be a nice added bonus, although a wiggling chair isn't to everyone's tastes.

2. Something Signed

A football shirt, album cover, festival poster, every man cave needs a signed piece of memorabilia on the wall to greet visitors. The signed wall decoration is a bold statement that shouts 'this is my space, filled with my own personal interests'.

3. A Dartboard

Throwing mini spears at a cork circle puts us in touch with our primitive hunting ancestors. A dartboard is relatively cheap, doesn't take up much space and provides a handy stress outlet. It gives you something to do when the adverts are on, and is a low-tech alternative to the games console when other menfolk come to visit.

4. A Fridge

Mini fridge, maxi fridge, whatever you've got space for, it really doesn't matter so long as it can keep beer cold.

5. Video Games

The Playstation / Xbox / PC debate is too controversial to be discussed to here, but every man cave needs at least one console. Stock up on plenty of controllers so you can enjoy multiplayer fun when you're friends come round to play.

6. Multiple TV Screens

It's inevitable that a crucial football match will clash with an F1 race / cricket match / tennis tournament. Instead of buying one enormous TV and flicking through multiple channels to check scores, invest in 2-3 TVs so you can sit back, relax and pretend you're a sports reporter.

7. LED Lighting

One manly overhead strip light is going to kill your film viewing / video gaming pleasure, but dotting your man cave with table lamps isn't very manly. Strike the balance between masculine styling and functionality by installing LED lights throughout the cave.

8. Fish

Every man cave needs some sort of pet, so when you're ranting at the screen you can pretend you're talking to Captain Bubbles instead of blathering away to an empty room like some kind of madman. A fish is the logical choice since it's low maintenance, won't poop anywhere (except its own aquarium) and is a lot more manly than a hamster or gerbil.

9. Coffee Machine

There may come a time when you don't actually want a beer. In this situation, coffee is a suitable substitute so you need to have a coffee maker on stand-by. Go for a capsule machine that doesn't involve faffing about with filters and loose coffee.

10. A Warning Sign

Keep out unwanted visitors with a sternly worded warning sign. Something along the lines of 'women and children begone' should do the trick.

Deck out your man cave correctly and you will have a flock of friends beating a path to your door, or keep the space secret so you can have your own private paradise.

Date: 17/12/2013 | Author: Roger Hedges