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Top 5 Home Office Chair Designs

Your new office chair will set the atmosphere for your office, dictate your seating posture and have a significant impact on your productivity. In this list of office chair designs there's a style to suit every type of home worker.

The Laid Back Thinker

If you do all your best thinking in a slightly reclined position, you need an office chair with a moveable back. You can go from upright and alert, to laid back and thoughtful without moving from your chair. Proponents of the power nap should look for a reclining office chair with a built in footrest. With the back reclined, and the foot rest extended the chair turns from a centre of productivity to a comfortable day bed.

The Fashionista

For the person that cares more about having a good looking chair than the comfort of their derriere, a wire office chair, inspired by the Eames DKR Wire chair, is the ultimate statement piece. If you don't like the sensation of sitting on a jumbo cheese grater, you can soften the seat with a cushion, although this does nothing to promote a minimalist office design.

The Body Conscious

Ergonomic chairs may look like instruments of torture, but in reality are comfortable and supportive. It's impossible to choose one of these based on appearance, as all models looks like they've fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, so it's best to select a model based on personal comfort. It's worth splashing out on one of these curious looking contraptions, as it could save you a small fortune in chiropractor's bills later down the line.

The Wannabe Football Manager

If your home office is your fantasy football team headquarters, you need a chair that reflects your status as club manager. Originally designed as super-comfortable gaming chairs, you will feel just like the Special One once ensconced in a racing style seat.

The Professional

Getting into a professional mindset when you work from home can be difficult, especially if you have friends or family close by who are eager for your attention. Building a garden office helps separate your personal and professional lives, and furnishing it with a chair that's all business and no fun, will contribute towards a productive working environment.

Home workers spend almost as much time sitting in their office chair as they do lying in their bed, so it pays to invest time and money to get the right furniture for your work space.

Date: 12/03/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges