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Top 5 Annoying Distractions For Home Workers

Working from home is the dream lifestyle that a mere 10% of the working population get to enjoy. Whilst it's impossible to argue with the daily commute (get dressed, make coffee, start work), there are five hugely annoying daily distractions that all homeworkers would like to eliminate.

1. Friends and Family Not Getting it

It can be very hard for friends and family to understand that, although you are inside your house, you are w-o-r-k-i-n-g and therefore not able to run errands, or host an impromptu coffee morning. It also may bug them a little that you don't have a 'real job' so they'll assume it's fine to ask you to babysit / walk the dog / drive them to the pub. Get a home office, and don't tell them, so when they call round, or ring your home phone, they get the same response that they would from a regular working person - absolute silence.

2. The Mess

Do you waste precious minutes clearing the kitchen table of breakfast bowls and chiseling solidified porridge off the table cloth before you can open up your laptop and begin your working day? Is it hard to tear your eyes away from that ever increasing pile of ironing? Difficult to ignore the crunchy carpet crying out for a vacuum cleaner? Leave the housework behind and keep your home office a tidy, haven of solitude for maximum focus.

3. Frequent Fridge Foraging

When you work from home, you are never more than a few brisk steps away from your fridge and the delicious calorific bounty it has to offer you. Frequent grazing interrupts your work flow, and leads to a common home worker ailment, spare-tyre-acquisition. Move out to the garden, take the kettle with you, but leave the chocolate biscuits behind. If you are still unable to resist the lure of the larder, at least you have a little extra distance to walk off the calories before you can start scoffing.

4. Cold Callers

On the phone or standing at your front door, these time wasters are a daily scourge for home workers. Having a dedicated business phone line, or screening calls on your mobile will help cut down on interruptions from energy companies, charities and survey companies. But the door-to-door nuisance is harder to avoid. It's awkward tapping away on your laptop while hiding under the kitchen table.

5. TV Temptation

With most households having multiple television sets, there are no TV-free rooms left to hide in. That big black empty screen is enough to test the resilience of even the most dedicated home worker, with its promise of parenting programmes and chat shows. But once it's on, the TV is going to reduce your productivity levels hugely.

The great news is, you don't need to drag yourself out to rented office space to create a professional, distraction-free working environment. Put your garden to good use with an outside office, so you can have a dedicated working space, without impacting the inside of your home. Having your own office space can get you into a productive frame of mind, and encourage friends and family to take your working time seriously.

Date: 06/12/2013 | Author: Roger Hedges