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There’s Something About The Silver Screen

People often refer to the "Golden Age of Hollywood" as being between the 1930s and 1960s, when movies were produced at a huge rate and people would flock to the cinema every week to see the original superstars of film in their latest roles. Cinema was so big, that short, serial adventure films and cartoons would be shown before the main movie and going to the pictures was such a part of the routine that people would easily follow the stories week after week.

Today's movie business is incredibly vast in comparison - box office revenues alone in 2016 were actually greater than the whole of the US Government spend in 1930, at the start of the Golden Age. It's true that we no longer regard cinema as part of our weekly routine; many people only make a few trips to the cinema per year and it's entirely likely that television is to blame.

The earliest television screens were the size of a postage stamp and used a magnifying glass to enlarge the image. 12" screens soon followed and we've had a cycling development of increasing the size, quality and sound of televisions ever since.

While bigger and better TVs are one thing, there comes a point where they no longer work in our living rooms. While the picture and sound quality are exceptional, it's very difficult to use them to their full extent in the family home - when you're trying to watch a movie, nobody wants their enjoyment interrupted by kids asking questions about homework or being distracted by the oven timer or the spin cycle of a washing machine.

This is where having a home cinema room comes into its own. The ever advancing field of home entertainment has brought cinema quality equipment into the realm of homeowners and having your own dedicated cinema room at the bottom of the garden allows you to enjoy films the way they were meant to be seen.

Having your own garden cinema room recreates the full cinema experience. Having complete control over the lighting, the screen and importantly, the sound to make the most of the movie allows everybody to not only give their full attention to the film. Our living rooms were never built to include large surround sound speakers with active subwoofers, and it's very unlikely anybody's neighbours will appreciate the disruption and sound! Thankfully, not only are Garden Spaces cinema rooms built to perfectly fit your garden, they're exceptionally efficient both thermally and acoustically. You can fully appreciate the entire cinema experience at any time of the year without risking upsetting anybody, even a garden gnome!

It's worth remembering that many people predicted home viewing to be a 'fad', as the television experience was so greatly inferior to the cinema. What allowed television to succeed was making entertainment convenient, which only increased with the proliferation of the VCR. The technological advancement that we now have, however, means that we're once again in the perfect position to fully appreciate beautifully shot films with a full soundscape, but couple this with the convenience of only needing a short trip down the garden.

Date: Not Set | Author: Roger Hedges