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The Pub at the End of the Garden!

It's been a dream of a huge swathe of the population ever since the invention of the public house... 'Wouldn't it be great if I could have a pub at home? Good beer, a roaring fireplace and no last orders bell!' While some people would like a quiet space to sit with their favourite tipple and others would like a space big enough to fit in all their friends and family, the good news is that you can finally get your wish!

While the most popular time to install a bar in the living room was in the 1970's and 80's, it quickly became apparent that it wasn't really practical to give up a large section of your living space to an occasionally used feature. An unfortunate side effect was that these 'modern' bars were decorated and designed around the fashion of the time, meaning that they quickly became dated and very unstylish, either needing money putting into them, or worse, knocking value off the house when it came to be sold!

These days, however, we don't have to give up valuable space in our home in order to have a cherished entertaining space - simply use a small section of your garden! Garden Spaces offer a wide range of rooms, all tailored and designed around the garden you have available, meaning that they're suitable for any number of gardens, whether they have odd dimensions or even asymmetrical layouts.

An outdoor entertainment space that is warm, comfortable and available with any number of features, including mains supplies, water supply and even a kitchenette means that it becomes a fully functioning building that meets all of the expectations you'd have from a real pub! The SIPs construction from fully insulated panels means that it's useful for everything from a Christmas party, all the family birthdays throughout the year and right up to throwing the best summer barbecue your neighbourhood will have ever seen.

The main joy of Garden Spaces rooms is that not only do you get exactly what you want, designed and built specially for your garden and its dimensions, but as a stand-alone building, you don't have to worry about disrupting your home during the build. Our experts not only design a garden room tailored to your garden, but can offer advice and assistance at every stage, whether you need planning permission or not and choosing the best options and layout to ensure you get exactly what you want.

There are a huge numbers of benefits to getting your own little bar at the end of your garden; not only do you get a fantastic entertaining space, but also make your friends and family a tad jealous! Possibly best of all, however, is that because your garden bar doesn't take away living space from your home and can be put to almost any use, you could even tempt a little more money onto the value of your home should you ever want to move. Now there's a thought that's worth drinking to!

Date: 10/01/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges