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The Joy of Having a Proper Office at Home

No matter how much they love their job, everybody, if they're honest, has thought to themselves "Wouldn't it just be easier if I could work from home?" It might be said while climbing out of bed at 6am on a rainy November morning or while sitting stationary in a traffic jam for the third time this week; the simple fact is that there are a great number of benefits to working from home.

If you were to work from home, however, the question is where? One of the biggest dangers for motivation and productivity when working out of the office is being distracted. It makes perfect sense; at work, our minds are trained to focus on work tasks, but at home there's a danger we'll 'just quickly put the dishwasher on' or 'make an early start on dinner'. Even if you avoid sitting on the family sofa or away from the kitchen table and tuck yourself in the spare room, it's not really conducive to good working practices. Having to sit at your desk while surrounded by the spare bed and the inevitable pile of ironing doesn't help to focus the mind.

Psychologically speaking however, having your own office in the garden offers the chance for a positive working space. Having a fabulously designed office, that's not only light, airy and stimulating, but is also a genuine representation of yourself is an incredible way of not only creating your ideal workstation, but indulging the freedom that comes from having your own space that doesn't have to conform to the usual, business-like workplace rules. When some offices can object to family photos or overly colourful coffee mugs, the ability to create your own personalised space is incredibly tempting!

Such carefully selected ornaments and knick-knacks that are arranged exactly as you want them to be can greatly help in not only separating your mind from the worries of the home, but create a wonderfully comfortable space where your mind is relaxed and able to devote some stress free thinking to your day to day work.

It's also worth mentioning that having your garden office lit by natural light and some carefully chosen electric lighting means that it sits far above the usual fluorescent tubes that adorn the ceilings of the average office in Britain! These kind of ambient and creative touches really work for transforming the balance of productivity away from the office and to the home!

Whether you're feeling a Scandinavian minimalist design with white furniture, straight lines and completely uncluttered spaces or a 1960's psychedelic workspace with bright, swirling colours that stimulate your creative juices, allowing your garden office to be a representation of you means that you'll always be ready to skip down the garden to work - and you may even achieve far more than having to work at your usual, drab desk!

Date: 15/06/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges