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Strike while the ground is cold!

When the weather turns cold, there comes an inevitable change - nationwide - of behaviour, people stay home more, take part in fewer outdoor activities and generally stay closer to a nice warm hearth. While there are fewer daylight hours, fewer dry, sunny days and generally less amenable conditions to spend much time outside, it becomes a bit of a restriction on even simple pleasure, such as enjoying the garden.

As every gardener knows, however, the darker days and snowy season do not mean that the garden becomes forgotten until the buds of spring start to break through! Winter is a time of planning, putting things in place to make your garden a much more enjoyable space during the Spring and Summer. There's a lot that can be done and planning a valuable addition to your outdoor space is one such thing!

A Garden Spaces garden room can be an incredibly popular area for the home, which is not only useful but provides much needed extra space for the family. No matter what you use it for, whether it's an additional living space, a home office, a music studio, guest accommodation, a cinema room or even as a breakfast room, it's somewhere that the whole family will love.

Putting together ideas now means that you could be enjoying your garden room that much sooner in the new year. As Garden Spaces rooms are all designed around the space you have available, as opposed to being off-the-shelf pre-fab buildings, deciding on location and dimensions is key in order to create a space that works with, rather than against the garden.

Thanks to Garden Spaces buildings construction materials and using SIPs, build time is much faster than other traditional building methods and as they're entirely self-contained, it doesn't require messy extension work and knocking down walls in the main body of the house. It's also a possibility to create your ideal Garden Space without the requirement of planning permission, as thanks to Permitted Development laws, many areas of the UK allow this kind of build as long as it meets certain criteria.

The options for your Garden Spaces garden room are long and impressive, as they're able to contain everything from WCs, shower rooms, kitchenettes, wi-fi and power extension points, built in storage and even a living, green sedum roof to act as a space for small wildlife and not lose any greenery from your garden.

Planning these ideas now could also have a profound effect on how you use the garden throughout the year, including spring planting, summer barbecues, late night star gazing - and thanks to the incredible thermal properties of Garden Spaces rooms, even winter weather and snowy bird watching come next year. It's a perfect time to decide on your plans for the garden, and get on with enjoying it that much sooner!

Date: 01/01/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges