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Planning Permission, Building Regulations and Garden Rooms

A number of years ago, the rules around planning permission were relaxed to stop small projects requiring approval - allowing homeowners to improve their properties and prevent local authorities from being unnecessarily tied up with paperwork. For most people, this means that they have a lot more freedom in deciding on modest improvements to their home.

While there are slightly different rules around the country, particularly relating to conservation areas or national parks, most homeowners are able to have a garden room installed under the permitted development rules, normally a maximum height of 2.5m if it's closer than 2m to the property boundary. If it's further than 2m from the edge of the property, then the eaves must be no more than 2.5m and the total height can be 3m or 4m, depending on the type of roof.

The question is, however; what do you do if you know your building will have to comply with building regulations and planning permission?

If you're after a particularly large structure or need one that sits higher than the allotted maximum height, then having to obtain planning permission could be enough to put you off installing a valuable garden room for the family.

If the area of your garden room goes above 30m2 or includes sleeping accommodation (e.g. as a self-contained living area) then you'll also have to comply with buildings regulations and energy efficiency rules. As around half of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions come from energy used in buildings, energy efficiency rules were passed a number of years ago that affect larger or self-contained living annexes.

The good news is that Garden Spaces are experts in dealing with local authorities in terms of planning permission and building regulations. All of our structures are installed with SIPs, a kind of pre-fabricated board that has great insulating and thermal properties, which can be sealed airtight to make sure it complies with all building regulations.

Your garden room will also be designed for your individual space, meaning that firstly, you don't lose significant amounts of garden to a one-size-fits-all structure, and secondly you can tweak the design, placement and build details so that even if it does require planning permission, it will safely go through and meet all the requirements without lots of legal wrangling or the need to go back and forth with amendments.

We know that our clients want to create much needed and incredibly valuable extra space with a minimum of hassle. Garden Spaces have the expertise to design spaces that meet the criteria set out under permitted development, but even if the new building can't be installed under these rules, we have the experience to bring you peace of mind and know that all the necessary requirements are being met and you can move forward on getting your brand new garden room as quickly as possible.

Date: 11/09/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges