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Nifty Space Saving Tips to Keep Your Garden Space Organised

Your gorgeous garden space, studio or office can all too easily become cluttered, messing up its feng shui and messing with your head too. Follow these easy ideas for getting and staying organised, and restore the sense of calm your outdoor space brings.

Personal Organisation

The biggest problem, when it comes to clutter in your garden space, is you! Get into a new mindset. Every time you bring something into the room, ask yourself if it really needs to be there. If it only needs to be there temporarily, take it back out again when you're done.

Don't keep magazines longer than a week unless you have a specific purpose for them. And if you do want to keep something from a mag, file that specific page.

Make it a rule to immediately remove all plates, cups and dishes once you've finished eating.

In a garden office, apply the three second rule when new paperwork comes in. Immediately place it an action pile, file it or bin it. Don't allow it to accumulate.

Upwards is the Way to Go

In a relatively small space, most of us under-utilise the vertical. Think up.

Use wall hanging files or metal racks to store paperwork

Install floor to ceiling shelves. Kept tidy, they can look like a very attractive feature.

Hang pot plants or pictures from the ceiling rather than cluttering surfaces and walls.

Invest in Multi-purpose Furniture

Make your furniture work hard for you, by choosing multipurpose designs designs which can be used for more than one thing, or which have hidden storage solutions.

How about a coffee table with internal storage, or an old trunk polished up which doubles as a coffee table?

Buy a sofa with end shelving built in, or simply position low bookcases or cubicle shelves at each end of the sofa.

Choose a desk which has under-desk shelving.

Think Creatively

To make the most of your space and to stay organised, it always helps to think a little differently.

How about creating a wall mounted magnetic wall system to hold office supplies or small sundries?

Use dry wipe paint to dedicate a portion of a wall to be a creative, write-on space - fantastic for mind-mapping, planning or encouraging family interaction.

Start Afresh

If your space is already cluttered, nothing beats a radical overhaul. Devote a day to emptying and clearing out everything you've accumulated in there. All of it. Remove the lot. Over the next few days, only take back in with you what you actually need, and find a proper home for each item.

After a week, anything you haven't taken back in with you is unlikely to be desperately needed, so either get rid of it, or store it elsewhere in the house.

It takes a bit of effort to keep your garden room organised and clutter free, but it's worth it in order to keep your beautiful space clean, peaceful and a pleasure to be in.

Date: 03/02/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges