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Light - The Unsung Hero Of Your Garden Room!

We've written extensively about all the potential purposes for your garden room, whether you want a home office, a gym or even a child's playroom - but your intended purpose is only part of the story. There's also the location, the aspect and any number of other things to consider. One thing you may not have thought about is why light should play such an important part in your decision on getting a garden room.

No matter what you need, there's a good chance that a Garden Spaces room is able to give you far more than you'd expect! The problem for many families is that the home is a series of compromises - the need to have a light, airy space has to be tempered against the need for privacy and not having your home on display through large windows. As much as we like our bedrooms to be flooded with light during the day, at night we need them dark and comfortable to allow us to sleep properly. There's also always a side of the house that isn't angled for maximum sunlight, meaning it's either north facing or doesn't get as much of the sun.

Generally speaking, this is great for homes, but if you have a number of specific uses in mind, the compromise can leave you feeling a little bit in the dark. That's why Garden Spaces rooms can make the absolute most of the natural light you have available and create a bright, open space that's perfect.

For artist or graphic design studios, natural light is by far the best medium; it shows objects brighter and more clearly and doesn't have the 'blueing' or 'yellowing' effect that artificially lit spaces tend to create. Using the space during the day gives a fantastic ability to appraise and view subjects properly.

Having a bright and invigorating child's playroom in the garden is a great way to keep them focussed and inquisitive during the day, but not have to worry about the environment being stimulating on light evenings when you're trying to get them to sleep! Having two separate spaces for sleeping and learning is a great way to train a child's mind, rather than confusing the purpose of the two.

Even if you're running a home salon or beauty studio, having a bright space gives a fresh, invigorating feel to the room - and makes it feel a lot more professional! Musicians could also use a lot of light to really get the creative juices flowing and ensure you're not disturbing anybody else at home.

By using thermally efficient, full length glass doors and large windows, you don't have to worry about natural light being at a premium. As all Garden Spaces rooms are tailored and designed around the space you have available, you can also make use of any odd angles or tight spaces in your garden to angle your room towards the sun, meaning you get more of the light through the day.

Garden Spaces fully understand that the biggest thing that can make a compact garden room feel like a huge space is how you get the light to enter the space. No matter how big or small you need your garden room to be, there's no reason it should ever feel less than bright, airy and importantly, a wonderful place to be.

Date: 27/04/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges