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Keeping Warm in Your Garden Office

As winter draws in and the garden slowly shuts down for the winter often thoughts turn to cosy evenings by a log fire. Where the garden was the centre of activity during the summer many people retire to the warmth of their homes. For home workers choosing to ply their trade from a garden office it’s important to consider the best ways to keep warm.

Thankfully for these garden office workers they need not suffer in silence or be sent out into the cold to work. Modern garden buildings can be fully insulated and fitted with a wide range of heaters from a simple electric heater to a full centrally heated solution with radiators and hot running water.


The materials used in garden buildings play a large part in the retention of heating and contribute to the impressive energy saving characteristics of a well built garden room.

Walls - the best wall materials always feature insulation and can be made either of traditional stud work or for the greatest energy savings fully integrated SIPs panels routinely outperform other materials.

Roofing and Flooring - again insulation can play a large part in the heat retention and energy saving properties of the garden office. A floor elevated slightly from the ground, made with suitable materials is an ideal starting point. The same applies to the roof although there are other options available including the use of a natural roofing material in Sedum. This ‘living roof’ is made of plant material, helps the building blend in to it’s garden surroundings and provides a natural insulation at the same time.

Glazing - Double glazed units are the winners here providing the same high level of insulation expected in homes. When professionally fitted there need be no draughty gaps to keep you from working efficiently in the warm in your quiet home office throughout the year.



With a fully insulated garden room, often only modest heating is required to keep you warm as you work from home, enjoy some quite time or work on your latest project. Radiators and other standard household heating can be installed as a standalone system, or if your building is close to the house, heating systems can sometimes be combined.



In the summer the opposite can be found and keeping cool can be the order of the day. This is where the garden office comes into it’s own and keeping cool is often straight forward. Many contemporary garden buildings feature wonderful sliding doors that enable whole sides of the building to be opened up into the garden. Perfect for entertaining or enjoying the sights and sounds of the outdoors while you work.

Of course if you prefer to close the doors to your studio and enjoy the seclusion afforded by your garden office, then there are a wide range of air conditioning solutions available meaning you never need be uncomfortable.

Date: 06/12/2012 | Author: Roger Hedges