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Keep Uninvited Guests Away With These Top 7 Garden Room Security Tips

Want a garden room, but concerned about security issues?

Set away from the house, unoccupied for large periods of time and stocked with valuable equipment, unsecure garden rooms can be very tempting for burglars.

You can keep uninvited guests away with these top security tips. They also work against children, in-laws and nosey neighbours.

1. Lock It Up

The door and window locks supplied on our garden rooms are of the same standard as would be fitted on a modern house. As long as you look them, they will provide an effective deterrent against trespassers. It may be tempting to duck into the house for a coffee, and leave the garden room unlocked, but you never know who might be watching. This is the equivalent of visiting a neighbour and leaving the front door open. If someone sees this, the temptation may be too much for them to resist.

2. Lights, Camera, Action

We can supply PIR lighting, activated by movement. Anyone sneaking across your garden at night will get a nasty shock when they trigger the sensor and become bathed in bright light.

If you have fitted your home with security cameras, consider mounting one on the garden room, or positioned to film it. A small light illuminating the camera, acts as a clear warning to trespassers. As a further deterrent, you may want to add a notice to the outside of the garden room, announcing the security measures you have in place.

3. Protect The Perimeter

Make the building difficult to approach quietly by surrounding the perimeter with a border of crunchy gravel. You can also make the building uninviting by planting some thorny bushes, such as Pyracantha, Berberis and Common Hawthorn underneath the windows.

4. Cover Up

You wouldn't leave a laptop on you car seat, so don't leave expensive equipment in plain sight in your garden either. Use blinds, net curtains, or window frosting to keep your possessions out of sight and away from temptation.

5. Fit An Alarm

If you have an alarm system protecting your house, you can extend it to include your garden building. Alternatively, you can fit a simple battery operated system that will trigger if a door or window is opened.

6. Position In Plain Sight

Whilst for aesthetic reasons you may wish to hide the garden building away, for security purposes it is much better to position it in plain sight. Burglars are much less likely to attempt a break-in if they can imagine the eyes of the residents or neighbours on them.

7. Secure Your Garden

You can maximise the security of your garden building by making it hard to get to in the first place. Improve your garden security by installing a 6ft high, lockable garden gate, adding motion sensor lighting and planting thorny bushes around low fences that may be used as access points or escape routes.

By taking these simple security precautions, you can make your garden space as safe and secure as your home.

Date: 29/12/2013 | Author: Roger Hedges