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It's your space, use it wisely!

The wonderful thing about garden rooms is that they're as unique as the people who have them. No matter what problem they were built to solve, they quickly become a valuable and much loved part of the home, useful for everything from cinema rooms to guest accommodation. Every home with a garden room immediately benefits from the extra space for the family.

What some may find, however, is that the garden room falls victim to the same fate as the home; as the family grows, they buy new things and suddenly it can start to feel cluttered. Bicycles are stored in less-than-ideal places, things like books and DVDs are put somewhere "just for now". The major problem is that cluttered spaces are less enticing and are therefore not used properly. Regardless of whether it's the spare room, garage or garden room, once it's used for storage, it's not used effectively.

The good news is that there are simple yet clever solutions to family clutter, reinvigorating your love of the garden room! There are any number of opportunities to utilise your space well, dependent on what you use it for.

For those with guest accommodation in the Garden Spaces room, the most obvious storage space is under the bed. Using this for extra linen, pillows and even books for bedtime reading means that cupboards are filled with clothes, keeping a clean and tidy space. The same effect can be achieved with a good quality Ottoman at the foot of the bed, couple with a bedside lamp unit.

If you have a garden office, it's important to keep it tidy and avoid the 'dumping ground' effect, just for your working efficiency. By turning the wall your desk sits against into a full-length shelving and storage, you keep a clear desk, important equipment to hand and have the option of books making it appear very attractive. You could also use shelves under the desk for bulky items such as printers or computer towers. Every item on shelving clears up usable space in the rest of the room, making it a valuable way to keep your home office working.

Obviously using shelving in the main space of your garden room is key, but you could also consider overhead storage. Using the ceiling height space around the edge of the room could give a large amount of storage space, freeing up the main part of the room and making it feel much more spacious. For those who have shower or WC facilities, clever use of the space under the sink or to the sides of fittings yield useful but underused spaces.

No matter what your Garden Spaces room is used for, there's no reason why a little bit of clever thinking and identifying how to best use what's available can't keep your entire family in love with the room, while keeping it usable for everybody.

Date: 03/02/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges