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Is Your Garden Room A Home Away From Home?

As a nation, Britain is particularly house-proud - we love our homes and we spend an awful lot of time and effort on decorating, buying additions and making sure that they're the perfect representation of us. Unfortunately, life has an awful habit of getting in the way, so soon our houses have to make compromises and we start to lose a bit of our carefully cultured look.

If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that your house will soon have to deal with a collection of things - varying from those used every day, such as a bicycles to get the kids to school, to those that make an appearance much less frequently like the lawnmower or charcoal barbecue. You can also almost guarantee that at some point there'll be visiting relatives, teenager sleepovers or even friends who could do with spending a night instead of facing a long drive home. Everybody wants to be a good host, but if the truth be told, houseguests do have a strange way of disrupting the family routine - especially if there's no spare room and they're on a fold out bed or sofa.

One potential solution to almost every problem listed above is to use some of the extra space from your garden to create a self-contained living space in the garden. It's possible to have a fully fitted 'flat' or granny annex with built in storage, kitchenette and shower and WC facilities built.

Having house guests during festive seasons or family events no longer risks having the house feeling overcrowded and putting a strain on the bathroom in the morning. Guests no longer have to feel like they need to get up and move with the rest of the family's early risers and nobody risks being kept up late or woken early!

Using your space cleverly means that you don't need to worry about losing large amounts of space from your garden; all Garden Spaces buildings are designed for the garden you have available. By combining a living space and much needed storage for the family, you can have a valuable extra living sector for sudden house guests, visiting relatives and friends, as well as providing secure storage for items such as garden equipment and bicycles. Items that need to be stored outside the home such as the lawn strimmer, mower, tools, barbecues and even camping gear and furniture can quickly amount to hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. By having a storage solution that's much more substantial than a garden shed, you can not only protect your investment, but also keep it in a dry, insulated environment which could even make it last longer!

Although a compact, self-contained home at the end of your garden may seem like an odd concept at first, it could not only be a valuable addition to your home, but also be an asset that helps you keep your house exactly as you like it!

Date: 14/04/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges