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Is the Garden Room A Cultural Revelation?

We may be a little biased in our love of having a garden oasis of calm, but we're certainly not the only ones! There are thousands of people across the world who have a room at the end of their garden that does almost anything - including a home gym, an office, an art studio, a hair salon or home cinema!

There's another case to be made, however, that the garden room has had a significant cultural impact and given us many gifts! There are a number of famous authors and illustrators who've used the 'writing shed' such as Roald Dahl, Virginia Woolf and George Bernard Shaw, but there are a number of other famous people who've used their garden room to craft their works!

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters actually used the room at the bottom of his garden in Islington to start writing and creating demos. Using a quiet, tranquil space without distractions could well have made the difference in those early tapes, because the album that they appeared on was none other than the seminal Dark Side of the Moon!

Rock music has a rich history of using the space just outside the house, most recently put to good use by Foo Fighters, possibly the biggest rock band in the world today. Lead singer Dave Grohl uses a stand-alone building on his property as a recording studio because even a terrible drum kit "in this room it sounded like... Led Zeppelin!" In order to show that you don't need to spend $10,000 a day to make rock'n'roll, he recorded a full studio album with the band at the end of his garden - although most of the reports of the feat are American and refer to 'garage recordings' as garden rooms aren't quite the same thing in the US.

The world of comedy also features fans of garden rooms - both Bill Oddie of The Goodies and Vic Reeves profess themselves to be fans of somewhere in the garden for quiet and contemplation, although Vic Reeves says he wants at least five separate rooms in his garden to while away an hour or two! It must certainly be an impressively sized garden!

Famous artist Barbara Hepworth also used a studio-shed-bedroom in her garden to create works, including a bed for when the creative process took its toll! The building itself is now the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Although they often say that inspiration can come from anywhere, the creation of art, comedy and music is a very intricate thing and it makes perfect sense that a quiet, personal space away from distractions could be just the thing to lift the art from good to great. You never know, it could be just the thing that allows the next big thing to do something incredible!

Date: 07/08/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges