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Is motivation the key to fitness?

There's a situation in Britain that's so common, it could be a rite of passage! It's probably very familiar; a gym membership is purchased and a Direct Debit set up. After a few weeks, due to family or work, gym visits taper away and the Direct Debit payments are taken for a few more weeks before being cancelled and the membership ended.

At this point, many decide to make use of the home for exercise - it makes perfect sense! No gym fees, no commuting, no waiting for equipment and you can go whenever you please! Often, it's a cross-trainer, stepper or exercise bike that's bought and put into the spare room or garage.

This presents its own problems, however. Our homes aren't meant to be gyms, they're for use by the family and invariably, family life gets in the way. After a few weeks, heading to the spare room involves moving the ironing board and taking the shirts on hangers off the handles so that you have space to use the equipment. Even if you use the garage as your gym and relegate the car to the drive, garages are invariably cold and echo-y, meaning it's not an inviting place to go and work out!

There is another option, however - the home gym can exist, but instead, use the extra space at the end of your garden, by building a garden room! Garden Spaces rooms are designed and tailored to each individual garden, making them perfect even for gardens that have odd or non-square dimensions. They're well insulated and thermally efficient, meaning that they're always inviting and you can play music or work out without anybody outside being able to hear a thing!

Another strong feature of the garden gym is also that it's a dedicated space for your equipment, meaning that it should never have to face the indignity of playing a supporting role to the ironing! One of the problems with a gym in the family home is that the family still need to use the space. Having your gym at the bottom of the garden gives you all of the convenience and time saving benefits without worrying that your health haven will be diverted!

Your garden gym could also have the effect of making you healthier! Whereas a bedroom may only have space for an exercise bike down the side of the spare bed, even a modest garden gym would have space for a few items, so you could choose any combination of treadmill, rowing machine, weights or cross trainer that you like, giving you a much more comprehensive workout!

Garden Spaces gyms can also be connected to electricity, gas and water supplies, meaning that you can have televisions, music and even a shower room so you never have to walk back to the house without having showered!

If you're serious about getting yourself in shape and getting fit, but heading out to the gym just isn't practical, then you could find that a Garden Spaces room with all of the gym equipment your heart could desire could well be the very ticket!

Date: 07/03/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges