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How to lessen the impact of extending your home

It's an oft-quoted statistic that moving house is one of the most stressful things we experience, after bereavement. It's easy to understand why people dislike it so much; not only does it involve leaving behind a home that's been the location for thousands of life experiences and memories, it also involves finding somewhere new and lots of financial and legal paperwork - which is very rarely fun!

Most families feel they have to move because they've simply outgrown their home. Small children grow up into teenagers and suddenly the house is filled with music, sports and entertainment equipment. At least one present for birthdays or Christmas each year that elicits the response "That's great, but where on Earth do we keep it?"

All families would like some extra space but have fallen in love with their homes. Building an extension would be great, but in itself can problematic - everything from working out where to extend, to restructuring the interior to make use of the new space to dealing with planning permission to the disruption and impact of building works that can take weeks.

There is another option to putting a traditional extension onto your house, which is to have a modern SIPs extension. Built in the same manner as Garden Spaces studios, your home can be extended and enlarged with a stunning yet fast and economic extension.

The benefits are numerous; you get a bespoke design based on the space you have available. This can include narrow passages or poorly utilised spaces on the side of your home that some traditional builders wouldn't want to tackle. Garden Spaces will ensure you get the most amount of extra living space - and will also take care of any necessary Planning Applications, if they're needed.

Garden Spaces extensions are made using SIPs - Structural Insulated Panels. SIPs are a modern composite building material, which provide structural strength and impressive insulating properties thanks to an inner of polyurethane foam. The panels fit together to form an air-tight bond with exceptional thermal efficiency and a greatly reduced build time. Traditional block and brick builds take time to gradually build up from the foundations, but the reduced construction time of SIPs means that you'll receive a fast, bespoke and ecologically sound extension that's exactly as you envisaged!

SIPs are also more versatile than block and brick extensions, as they can be made to fit a number of different designs, meaning you can have large patio doors, glazed corners, sliding and bi-folding doors to make the new extension feel as light and airy as you want! We also offer sky lights and sun tubes to make the most of the natural light.

Extending your home often feels like a long, laboured and messy process, but thanks to the modern method of construction with SIPs, you may find that you have the ability to not only extend your home, but greatly extend your family's enjoyment of it.

Date: 28/07/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges