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How to create a home gym

How many times have you thought about going to the gym, but felt too lethargic to actually get there? It's often the journey to the local gym that puts people off squeezing a workout into their day, especially amongst parents who work long hours or are generally pressed for time.

If you can relate to this, perhaps it's time to consider creating a gym within your home...

Creating a home gym

Creating a home gym isn't as difficult as it may sound. With the money saved on membership fees and travel costs, it could pay for itself within a couple of years as well.

The main issue could be finding a space in your home to fit the equipment. Some people may convert an unused bedroom, loft or garage, whilst others may choose to invest in a garden gym. These create an air of privacy that might not be possible within the boundaries of the house. Either way, a home gym could be the catalyst to finally creating the body you want.


Ventilation is key for any gym. A poorly ventilated area can become too hot to perform at your best and is likely to develop a sweaty odour relatively quickly. If there aren't enough windows to open, then consider investing in a large ceiling fan or air conditioning system.

A strong floor is crucial for holding the weight of you and your equipment. This shouldn't be a problem for ground floor rooms or those with concrete floors. Elevated floors or outbuildings might need strengthening though, so get some professional advice about whether the joists are strong enough to support your equipment. Ideally, they will be 150mm or thicker. It might also be worth adding mats to reduce the likelihood of slipping over on vinyl or laminate flooring.

Adding an en suite bathroom is an option likely to boost the value of your home even further, provided that building regulations allow for it.


A home gym doesn't necessarily need big expensive machines to deliver results. It's possible to construct a highly effective workout routine using just a few weights or cheap items like a stability ball and a skipping rope.

If investing in larger equipment, consider items which support multiple exercises - like an adjustable bench or a power rack. Cardio machines like treadmills, cross trainers or exercise bikes are also popular purchases.

It's key to plan what equipment you would like to buy in the future, so you can ensure that your gym is large enough to fit it. Make sure there's plenty of space for warming up and stretching too. Gym equipment tends to retain its value quite well too, so it should be easy to eventually sell any unwanted items online for a reasonable price.

Personalise it

The best thing about a home gym is that it's personal to you. It will eliminate any annoyances like queueing for a machine or being distracted by other members.

It feels great being in control of the music or the television channels. It can be fun adding motivational posters or a new colour scheme. Best of all, it's possible to add more time into your busy day.

Date: 10/09/2013 | Author: Joe Elvin