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Have we become a nation of barbecue enthusiasts?

The first week of June marks the beginning of barbecue season for many British households - so if you were looking for an excuse to gather some friends and food and enjoy a large, outdoor cooking session, then go right ahead!

According to a number of different surveys, the popularity of barbecuing in the UK is rising. Although our summers are infamous for being... unpredictable, Brits typically hold between one and three barbecues each year. Astonishingly, they've become a lot more sophisticated affairs, with 41% of UK adults saying they'd spend up to £300 on an outdoor barbecue - as much as they'd usually spend on their main kitchen cooker!

Outdoor living is gaining popularity in the UK at an unprecedented rate - last year the average spend of UK homeowners on their gardens was around £800 and some figures suggest we put over £30,000 into our gardens over a lifetime. As property prices keep rising, the ability to offer outdoor space is becoming ever more important.

With this new focus, is it time to visit the idea of having a Garden Room? Whereas our gardens may previously have been a bit of an afterthought, these days a garden room could be the very thing that turns a humble barbecue into a famous garden party! The greatest gift that a garden room brings is its versatility.

Imagine having a solid, light and airy garden room that's used as a staging area for the party - the food is kept in the refrigerator in the garden room, along with the wine on ice, beers and soft drinks in coolers, allowing guests to help themselves. No leagues of people running in and out of the house to fetch fresh barbecue supplies or a constant mix going to refresh drinks.

Garden Spaces garden rooms can be fitted with electrical connections and even washing and WC facilities, which greatly reduces the strain on the house! We also create every garden room to fit the garden you have, so you never feel that it's an imposing structure - in fact, many of our garden rooms come under Permitted Development approval!

Once the party is over, the space can double for a short-notice house guest, be used to clean up rather than taking everything back into the house and the barbecue can go directly into any in-built storage that's been made.

The really great news is that the space is so versatile, it can be used year round as a breakfast room, guest accommodation, a place for the teens to hang out or even a playroom for the younger kids.

You could even find that garden rooms are so desirable that they add value to your house - and you never know, your family and friends could come to love it so much, you start hosting barbecues long into the snows of winter!

Date: 27/05/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges