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Garden studio vs. an extension – which is best?

The property market might be in recovery, but many people are still rightly cautious about moving house. It is a huge upheaval, causing lots of stress and a large amount of expenses.

Many people simply want more space, so extending your existing home is a much more appealing option. But how do you extend? Loft rooms, conservatories, single or two storey extensions are all common options, but a garden room can actually be a much easier route.

A garden studio isn’t attached to your home giving you a huge amount of flexibility in where you put it. It can be as close to your house or as far away as necessary – this is often determined by how the room will be used.


Garden studios can be used for a whole range of different things; they’re not just a summer sunroom! Insulation means Garden Spaces are often 20-30% better insulated than most homes, so they can be comfortably used year-round. Internet connectivity and electrics make for the perfect home office or play room, and garden studios can also be plumbed with a bathroom, making them great for a guest room.

Planning Permission

Unlike most home extensions, garden studios generally don’t require planning permission. Planning permission regulations were relaxed in 2008, meaning that as long as you comply with a simple set of rules you can avoid making a planning application even if you live in a conservation area. It’s always best to check though.

Building Regulations

Most garden studios are exempt from building regulations, making them much easier to build than other home extensions. All Garden Spaces can be modified and upgraded to comply with relevant regulations.

Return on Investment

Garden Spaces are easier and quicker to build than other home extensions; they’re cheaper too making them an easy solution to space problems. The installation of a garden studio will add significant value to your home, with many people recouping 80% of the total cost on the value of their home; in some prime areas this is even higher.

Garden studios offer a simple and flexible solution for homeowners looking for more space in their home.

Date: 14/05/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges