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Designing the Interior of Your Garden Building

When it comes to the interior design of your garden room, your options are fairly limitless. This is because the inside of the garden room will be prepared in just the same was a every room inside your house, with plaster on the walls and skirting above the floor.


When you select your garden room, we will take you through your flooring options. We offer laminate, solid wood, or bamboo floorings, each in a range of finishes. Since this is the hardest feature within your garden room to change, you should pick the colour and finish you prefer, then work your interior decor around that.


The interior walls of our garden rooms are finished in plaster. After a couple of base coats to prepare the plaster your room is ready to paint.

If you have used landscaping to blend the garden room into your outdoor space, choose a colour that is sympathetic to the garden. It doesn't need to be green, but try to avoid garish or loud colours that will draw the eye to the room.


There's more to window treatments than simple aesthetics. Selecting the right window dressing will make a big difference to the enjoyment you get from this outside space. Whether you choose a sleek venetian blind, or chintzy floral drapes with nets beneath, make sure your window dressing do everything you need it to. For example:

- Thick curtains can help prevent heat loss from the glass.

- A minimalistic window dressing will maximise the sunlight entering the room.

- Choose blinds and / or curtains that offer complete privacy if you room will be mostly used at night. With the interior lit up against the blackness of the night, the inside of your garden room will be far more visible to the neighbours than it is during the day.


Design a lighting scheme specific to the purpose of your garden room. Start by listing the functions of the room, then consider the lighting required to perform these functions successfully and comfortably. Lighting can be installed at the time of construction, or installed at a later date as required.

Use Of Colour

When choosing the colour scheme for your garden room, consider the space’s primary function, and choose a base colour to compliment that.

Blue is mentally calming but also stimulates creativity and clear thinking, making it a great colour for a home office.

If your space will be used as a calming retreat, consider basing the interior decoration on yellow, which is an emotive colour. You need to choose the shade carefully though. While some shades can help improve self-esteem and a feeling of well-being, other shades can generate anxiety and fear.

Green is visually relaxing as it is requires the least processing power to see. On a primitive level we find green comforting as it indicates abundance and therefore less chance of famine.

For a rec room or man cave, include a splash of vibrant orange. As a blend of red and yellow, orange stimulates the body on both a physical and emotional level, creating feelings of comfort, security, abundance and fun.

Date: 29/12/2013 | Author: Roger Hedges