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Creating Synergy Between Your Garden And Garden Room

If you don't want your garden room to look like it's just been dropped out of the sky by an alien race, you need to put some effort into incorporating it into your outside space.

Up The Garden Path

Unless you want to churn your garden up into a total mud bath by repeatedly stomping the same route across the lawn, you'll need a path that runs from the house, to the garden room. This will have the added bonus of visually linking the new garden structure to your existing property.

The path should be functional as well as decorative. A narrow straight line will look harsh and utilitarian, but a meandering pathway that takes you out of your way will be bypassed in favour of a direct route across the lawn. Plan the route to be pleasing to the eye, as well as direct.

Use materials that complement your existing garden landscaping. If you have a patio, perhaps you can you source the same stones to use on the path.

Outdoor Entertainment

Blend the structure with the garden, by adding decking around the edge of the garden room. Match the decking to the cladding on the building, and you will create a gentle visual transition from grass to garden room. This works especially well if you can replicate the decking at the back of the main house, to make two properties look similar.

Exterior Lighting

By installing some soft lighting around the exterior of the garden room, you can enhance its appearance at night, improve security by deterring burglars, and make it easier to navigate between your home and the garden building. Choose lighting that is soft, subtle and angled downwards so as not to disturb neighbours. Pick colours that reflect the planting scheme in the garden and the exterior decoration of your property.

Flowering Roof

We can install a sedum roof so your garden doesn't just grow around the new building, it grows on top of it too. Sedum is a flowering plant that can be used on eco-roofing, to blend the building with its immediate environment. Not only does this environmentally friendly roofing solution look good, it provides a micro-climate for insects, and often lasts longer than traditional flat roofs.

Make A Statement

Instead of blending your garden room with your home and outside space, you could make it a focal point, then change its surroundings to compliment it.

For example, instead of building the garden room facing squarely onto the existing property, set it at a jaunty angle. Then replicate this angle across the garden with flower beds, low-level walls, pathways, and garden furniture.

Use Of Colour

Another way to make your garden room and outdoor space work in harmony is with the careful use of colour. Pick a colour to base your interior design scheme around. If you use blinds or curtains, make sure they are double sided so this chosen colour can still be seen from the outside when they are drawn. Then incorporate this colour throughout your garden, with subtle touches such as a collection of flower pots, a piece of painted garden furniture, and some flowering plants.

Date: 02/01/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges