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Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden Space

Your garden room affords you the perfect opportunity to watch wildlife in your garden, but what can you do to make the garden more attractive to the widest range of wildlife? Here are some key tips.

Don’t be Too Tidy

Wildlife, by and large, is not tidy. If you keep your garden immaculate, you are limiting the number of habitats you provide. Of course, you don’t have to have a scruffy garden either, but consider designating an area near the garden room as a wild space and avoid clearing up too much there.

Create a Pond

A pond is perhaps the single most important thing you can create in order to attract wildlife to your garden. It will be a haven for dragonflies and amphibians, and birds will love to drink and splash in the shallows.

Bird Feeder and Bird Boxes

Consider creating a feeding area with a wide selection of hanging feeders and some appropriate bird boxes for nesting. You could install bat boxes too. Be patient, as nest boxes sometimes take a few years before they are occupied.

Create a Wood Pile and a Compost Heap

Wood piles and compost heaps are essential habitats in any wildlife garden, providing homes and breeding grounds for all manner of creatures, from insects to hedgehogs. Composting is the green thing to do too, so it’s a win-win situation on that one.

Create a Dead Hedge Screen

If you’d like to screen the “wild” section of the garden from the more maintained areas, think about creating a dead hedge screen. Short of planting your own native hedgerow, a dead hedge screen is the next best thing, and will act as an attractive garden feature in its own right.

Feed The Mammals - Carefully

To attract mammals into your garden quickly, the best way is to offer them food. (START-LINK) out this handy guide~Check out this handy guide(END-LINK) on what, when and how to feel British mammals. Be careful with this, however. Remember that large mammals, such as foxes or badgers, will visit your neighbour’s gardens too, and may not be welcome there.

Foxes can be dangerous for household pets and can also carry mange, so do not approach them or encourage them into your house. Deer can be attracted to the garden too, but are likely to cause significant damage if spooked. Be aware of your circumstances and considerate of both your neighbours and the animals themselves if you wish to attract larger mammals.

Nothing beats being able to watch the natural world go about its business, day or night - and nothing beats a beautiful garden room to put you in the heart of the action.

Date: 08/04/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges