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Could your Garden Room Be The Making of Your Garden?

The number of purposes a garden room can serve is almost infinite - anything and everything including home offices, playrooms, guest accommodation and even a home cinema can be built right at the end of your path. A garden room is often a solution to a specific need... but what if its chief purpose was to make your garden more usable and inviting?

One of the big design trends over the next few years is a return to garden patios - making the garden a usable extension to the home by adding a paved or decked area, some well-chosen furniture that compliments the space and creating an outdoor eating, entertaining and valuable family space.

What if you could add a garden room to that patio space and turbo charge your own little piece of the great outdoors? Having a specially built, multi-purpose room that faces onto your patio and furniture could make a huge difference to how you use your garden. Not only does it take care of the problem of where to store the furniture and barbecue in inclement weather, but when the good weather returns, it becomes a great place to prepare the food for the garden party!

All Garden Spaces buildings are designed around the garden you have available, meaning that you don't end up with a building that doesn't work in your garden. Odd angles, small areas and even oddly shaped gardens can fit a garden room. Our structures are all made from thermally efficient insulated panels, meaning they're always comfortable and they can bit fitted with everything from a kitchenette to a shower room, so can even be designed as the ultimate multi-purpose space!

For those worrying about losing too much of the lawn or green area of the garden, the answer could well lie in a sedum roof, which has a covering of lush greenery to act as both an extra layer of insulation as well as an area to promote greater bio-diversity for birds and insects.

The greatest reason to add a garden room to your patio space could actually lie in the winter. Although outdoor spaces are naturally used in the summer when the weather is fine, by adding a garden room you could actually extend the use of your garden year-round. A comfortable, warm place connected to all power and water supplies could make a great winter breakfast room or a place for the grown-ups to entertain away from the teenagers on a Saturday night.

As usable space becomes ever more sought after and costs a greater and greater premium, the ability to have your garden turn into genuine living space could not turn out to be a valuable addition to family life in more ways than one!

Date: 28/03/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges