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Coming to a Garden Near You! 5 Steps to the Perfect Home Cinema

A garden room is the ideal place to locate your home cinema. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main house, your entertainment won't be interrupted by the distractions of everyday living, and you can crank the sound system right up without disturbing the rest of your family.

If you want your very own theatre right across the lawn, here are five steps to follow to create the perfect home cinema.

1. Top Of The Range Technology

Whether you want a whopping flat screen TV or a cinema style projector, a 360 degree surround sound system, or a compact sound bar, nothing beats talking to the experts. Unless you are a technology pro, your home entertainment system is best left to the specialists, who will know how to get the best audio and visual effects in the space available.

2. On Site Facilities

If you're enjoying your film with a bucket of cola, pint of ice cream milkshake or a handful of beers, the chances are you'll make it about halfway through the film before you need to take your first comfort break. Stumbling out into the garden and trekking back to the main house can really spoil the home cinema atmosphere, and it will seem like an eternity for your fellow movie viewers who have kindly paused the DVD to await your return. A small bathroom can be created at one end of your garden room so you have all the facilities you need on site.

3. Keep The Outside Out

Great insulation and double-glazing will help stop the noise from the outside world invade your cinematic experience. Bespoke blackout blinds are great for shutting out daylight and creating a cinema atmosphere inside the room.

4. Carefully Planned Lighting Schemes

Your home cinema will need a flexible lighting system. During the film you will need enough gentle light to operate the controls and munch on your snacks. A dimmer switch on the main lights can help you gently transition back into the real world at the end of the film.

5. Comfortable Furniture

This is your opportunity to make your home entertainment experience even better than a trip to the cinema. Comfortable reclining chairs with somewhere to rest your head and feet can be adorned with snuggly blankets and cosy cushions.

Once your garden room is installed you are just a few steps away from enjoying your very own home cinema.

Date: 11/05/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges