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Cleverly Adapted Garden Room Reflects Modern Minimalist Home

The Grand Designs Huf Haus episode in 2004 had the nation swooning for the clean geometric lines of this elaborate flat-pack building. So imagine our excitement when we were invited to create a baby brother for a Huf Haus in Kent.

The Concept

If you have any aspirations for completing a self-build, take ten minutes to investigate the German Huf Haus company. Established in 1912 as a carpentry business, they have now been designing and building prefabricated buildings for more than 50 years.

Today their minimalist glass and timber constructions are rapidly becoming architectural icons.

Their appeal to self-builders is obvious. Each building is a bespoke design, created in collaboration with the client, down to the position of each power socket and light fitting. The timber and glass house is then pre-fabricated in Germany, before being delivered to the site for construction. It takes just a few days for the house to be erected by the Huf Haus team.

Huf Haus houses are famed for their spacious airy interiors, and striking angular appearance. The post-and-beam architecture used throughout their designs dispenses with load bearing walls, which allows the internal space to remain open.

These properties not only look good, they are good, in the moralistic, virtuous sense of the word. And that's because Huf's company philosophy is that their buildings should work with their natural environment. Each construction is created from sustainably sourced materials, and comes appointed with energy-saving, environmentally-friendly features, such as Argon-filled glazing, and superior quality insulation.

With our backgrounds in engineering and construction we have nothing but admiration for the Huf Haus company, and jumped at the chance to work with a client who owned one.

The Brief

The client needed an outdoor space for use as a garden office with adjoining gym. The building was to be positioned beside their outdoor pool, in full view from the main house, so it needed to be sympathetic to the architectural style of the main building, with plenty of glass and strong, clean lines.

Inside, the building was to be divided into two separate spaces. The home office needed to be a usable space throughout the year, so required heating, and to create a productive working environment the room needed plenty of shelving for storage. The other side of the building was to be used as a gym and poolside room, with toilet facilities.

Our Creative Solution

We felt our Elegans specification best suited the new building and adapted the design to meet the individual requirements. Happily we have access to a range of materials and finishes, so we were able to tailor are buildings appearance to fit with the client's brief.

The Elegans is usually finished with Wester Red Cedar exterior wood cladding, but for this project a painted polymeric render was a more suitable finish. The result is a striking black and white exterior which beautifully echoes the monochromatic style of the main house. The expanse of glass across two aspects of the building floods the interior with natural light, and again reflects the architecture of the larger building. We even painted the outdoor step black so it would feel at home.

Inside we left the walls fully plastered finished and decorated with a matt white finish, ready for the client to decorate as they wish, or more likely leave as a clean bright minimalist space.

Tailored Garden Buildings

We offer a range of garden buildings, and thanks to our vast experience tailoring designs to meet client briefs, we can work with you to create your ideal outdoor room. Whether you want minimalist chic, or a cosy cabin, a compliment to your home, or an architectural juxtaposition, we can create the right solution for you.

Date: 22/04/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges