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Clever Storage Ideas for Your Outdoor Office Space

You love your outdoor office; a haven of productivity in the middle of nature. Or at least, it would be, if only you could get the clutter under control. It’s not easy to organise creative, good-looking storage for a small office, but it can be done. Check out these stylish ideas for your garden office.

Reach for Great Heights

When space is at a premium, it makes sense to go vertical. By installing floor to ceiling bookcases or shelving across one complete wall, you will solve most of your storage problems in one swoop. Keep the mid-lower levels for items you use frequently and need to get at easily. Put less used and less important items higher up, and invest in a stylish office ladder so you can get to them easily when you need to.

Disguise Your Desk Chair

Being able to put away your desk chair will instantly increase the amount of space you have available, and will make the whole garden office look neater. You can choose from many desks where the chair is neatly absorbed into the desk when not in use. One of our favourites is this stylish bench desk, which looks functional as well as smart.

Cube It

Depending on your line of work, shelves may not be the best solution. If you need to store a lot of bulky or oddly shaped items in your garden office, stylish contemporary cube storage is your best bet. Choose from closed cubes, to keep it all out of sight, or open cubby hole cubes where you can arrange items artistically while still retaining their function.

Use Your Wall Space

Not everything needs to be stored on a flat surface. Hang jars or tiny buckets from the walls to store your office sundries. When done with some thought, this can become a design feature in itself. Or try a smart metal spice rack to store your bits and bobs, or even a wine rack and clear cups. Think outside the box when it comes to storing pens, paper clips and everything else which clutters up office drawers.

File with Flair

Boring metal filing cabinets don’t look attractive and aren’t very multipurpose in a small space. Instead, look for hidden storage ideas such as mobile cabinets, ottomans transformed into filing systems or even vintage suitcases stacked in a display.

Controlling your storage space with stylish solutions will not only make it easier for you to work, it will make your environment less cluttered too, and probably renew your inspiration and enthusiasm for your work. Give it a go!

Date: 24/02/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges