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Art and artists have certain needs

It's long been known that getting the creative juices flowing can be challenging, a process that sometimes feels like getting a delicate flower to blossom. Sometimes, inspiration may simply strike, but it can't be relied upon to always be there, especially if your mind is frequently distracted.

If you have a craft business - or you're simply an enthusiastic amateur artist - then you're probably already aware of how much space is taken up by being creative! Not only do you need space to work, but once you've finished, you need somewhere to store your artistic endeavours.

Many people initially settle on using the spare room or even the garage as the place to go when it comes to craft projects or artworks, but lots of people find that it ends up being a less than ideal arrangement. For those in the spare room, there's the problem of working around the bed or existing furniture; running a craft business from home and using the spare room to create and store your products takes away from the room's usefulness when guests come to stay. Taking living space away from the family isn't usually going to be a successful long term solution.

The garage, should you have one, can be a tempting option. Garages tend to be quite large, with lots of space for storage, a nice amount of room to work and it could be considered 'extra' space, as the car can always live on the drive or the street. The problem with garages is that they're usually not very well insulated and for most homes they're the first place to show signs of damp and condensation. If you're making products to sell, risking moisture damage during a cold snap isn't a nice idea - and worse, will you even want to work out there when it gets cold?

The problem with both the spare room, the garage and even the attic, cellar or any other space in your house that is converted to be a creative studio or space is that they never have enough light. Getting the most out of your artistic skills involves a bright, stimulating space, ideally flooded with natural light; a principle which our homes aren't designed to accommodate!

A dedicated Garden Spaces garden studio not only captures the best light, but you can design the windows, sliding or even bi-folding doors to make the most of the light available. All of our studios will be fully lagged and insulated, making them ideal for year round working, staying warm in winter and cool in summer, with additional climate controls for creating the ideal balance.

You'll also find that once the space is built, it's the perfect display arena for your artworks! Our glazing comes with UV filters to prevent sun damage to colours, and our double glazing units mean that craft businesses can store products safely and securely without taking up room in the house.

Being an artist, crafter or maker can be challenging at times, but with a Garden Spaces studio can not only get the drive to create into top gear, but also mean that you're not taking valuable living space away from the family and potentially limiting your success.

Date: 27/09/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges