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Are You Thinking Of A Garden Room In The Wrong Way?

Although the British have always had a love of the garden and enjoying the great outdoors, it seems like making the most of your outside space has never been more popular! Everybody, no matter what the budget, wants to have a little space in the garden - no matter if it's a man cave, she-shed, gym, hobby or craft space!

There are thousands of social media posts on Pinterest showing every kind of relaxation space imaginable, but is this thinking actually preventing us from enjoying our spaces properly? Garden rooms are not simply posh sheds and they're so much more than the summer houses that used to be very popular!

A properly, well-constructed garden room is a lot more versatile than a single use outbuilding, thanks to the thought and engineering that goes into them. Garden Spaces rooms use SIPs - Structural Insulated Panels - which mean that the walls are not only sturdy, but they have exceptional thermal and insulating properties. As SIPs are constructed prior to the build going ahead, they also take less time to put in place than traditional brick buildings.

As you'd expect, double glazed windows and doors are used for the same reason; keeping a space not only warm but well soundproofed makes it feel relaxing and safe. Whether you're looking for large, bi-folding doors to use in summer and bring the outside in or you'd like the space to feel flooded with light to make the most of the short winter days, the highest standards of glazing allow the kind of versatility to keep the room 'just right' all year round.

Just as you would in your own home, insulating the roof is another key way to keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer. The benefits of a living Sedum roof mean that you properly insulate the space to protect heat from escaping vertically, but you also don't lose any green space in your garden and you provide a wonderful space for small animals and birds, protecting the biodiversity of your garden.

Slightly elevating the floor of your garden room is also a good way of using a cushion of air to keep the space from having the cold 'leak in'. It may not sound like much, but air is a poor conductor of heat, so using a small gap makes a big difference!

The thermal efficiency of a small, well-insulated space means that it doesn't take much to warm the room up initially and keep it at a comfortable temperature, so a small radiator is usually more than enough for even a moderate-sized space. If you choose to have your Garden Spaces room near to your home, it can even be combined with your home central heating system!

We Brits love our outdoor spaces, but with the unpredictability of the British weather, is it time to forget the thin, single use summer house and make a much more valuable and versatile choice for something that we can use even when the weather gets a little chilly?

Date: 31/08/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges