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A Holiday At The End Of The Garden

There's been an awful lot about "the Sharing Economy" in recent years; many people are using things they own but don't use all the time to generate an income. Kitchen desking has been around for a while - the idea is that while you go out to work, you allow somebody who needs a desk or office space to use your kitchen table as a workspace for a small fee. You get money for something you're not using, they get an affordable workspace with wi-fi and tea and coffee making facilities.

The biggest name in the sharing economy is AirBnB, where people used their spare room to put up a paying guest, obviously for a much cheaper rate than a normal hotel. This practice was popular with young people who needed somewhere to stay on the cheap, but quickly it expanded to entire apartments for groups - which started to draw the attention of people who would've been uncomfortable staying in a stranger's spare room.

The AirBnB principle is now so engrained and popular that people are buying flats and houses with the initial aim of having them inhabited throughout the year by paying guests. This 'holiday let' makes for a very tempting offer - and has been so popular that it actually started to erode housing stock in Berlin, where it's now illegal to offer a full property for short-term rental.

Not everybody wants the hassle - or has the funds - to purchase another property to rent it out. What about the space at the end of your garden, though? It is possible that by installing a garden room, with a bedroom, kitchenette, shower and WC facilities, that you could turn a very nice secondary income from the sharing economy?

All of Garden Spaces garden rooms are designed specifically for your garden, so they're suitable for areas with odd angles that would be 'dead space' and you don't have to give over any more of your outdoor space than you want to. Garden Spaces use SIPs insulated panels to ensure that the space is dry, warm and comfortable, meaning that it's suitable for rental at any time of the year.

Dependent on where you live in the country, the amount of money you can make will vary, but as building a garden room is a much more cost-effective option than a whole holiday let, especially when running costs, proximity and things like council tax are taken into account.

What you may find, however, is that the cost of building a garden room is very quickly met by the numbers of people staying in it; it's a much simpler option than a holiday let and best of all, it's there at the end of the garden for the family to use almost when they feel like it - meaning that a big family get together or the holiday season becomes a lot easier to deal with as everybody has enough space!

Date: 03/05/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges