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A dedicated working space: A lifestyle choice

The concept of home-working has continued to increase in popularity, becoming one of the most valuable and sought-after benefits. Yet without the right environment, it can be very difficult to get much done. As such, it's little wonder that lots of enterprising people are constructing offices and studios in their own gardens.

Here are a few benefits associated with a dedicated work space...

Most productive

We don't all work the same way. Some people are early birds, while others thrive late at night. Loud music might help a proportion 'get in the zone', while the remainder require absolute silence. Ultimately, we are all at our most productive under very different conditions; something that an open office environment cannot facilitate but that a personal working space can. It offers people the freedom to work when they are at their most alert and focused, without distraction. Many are also constructed with toilets and kitchen facilities, so there's no need to nip to the house and get side-tracked by the washing or TV. As a consequence, individuals may be able to produce more and better work.

Suitable for your needs

It's crucial that a work space is suitable for your needs. One of the biggest selling points of a dedicated garden space is that it can be built to incorporate all the elements required for you to carry out your work effectively. Whether that's an inspiring view of the garden to help you paint a masterpiece in your studio or the provision of coffee on-tap to keep the blood pumping when you need to concentrate, you have the ability to create an environment that is perfect for you and your occupation.

Gives a professional impression

Many people work at home these days, but what happens when a client or colleague calls a meeting? It's hardly ideal to invite prospects or peers into the kitchen, especially if there are other family members wandering around. A hotel lobby can be so formal, while a pub lunch can be the complete opposite. Here's another advantage of a dedicated working space that's outside the house: it looks professional. Most garden studios or offices can accommodate a table and chairs, thus is the perfect, enviable place to conduct business.

Promotes healthy work/life balance

Flexible working is cited as one of those factors that is key for encouraging a healthy work-life balance, but in fact in some cases, the reverse can be the reality. Having an office set up in the spare room can make it far too easy to check emails or work longer into the evening, which can have a detrimental effect on health and relationships.

However, it's easy to draw a line between working and home life when the office is outside the house, locked up. Reserving it solely for work should perpetuate the mindset that once the office is shut, it's shut. Additionally, working in the garden will allow for more free time, to be spent however the individual wishes, be it walking the dog, meeting the children from school or sleeping until 8am every morning.

Essentially, having a dedicated work space is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a work option; allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

Date: 10/09/2013 | Author: Elizabeth Smythe