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7 Top Tips For A Perfectly Maintained Garden Room

So you've designed your dream garden room, had it installed, decorated to look like something straight out of a home interiors magazine and seamlessly blended it with its surroundings. Alas, now is not the time to rest on your laurels. Instead you need to draw up a maintenance plan to help keep your new garden structure in tip top condition.

A Stitch In Time

It's better to catch and treat problems before they escalate. Carry out regular inspections all around the building to look for signs of wear and tear, so you can spot trouble at the earliest opportunity. You should attend to any problems promptly, as waiting will only make them worse and however wonderful our garden rooms are, they unfortunately aren't able to fix themselves.

Breathing Space

The wooden cladding around the building needs breathing space to stay healthy, so don't position things up against the outside of the building. Anything that can retain water, for example a raised flower bed, that is right against the cladding, will allow moisture to travel into the wood and can lead to problems with damp and decay.

Patches of mud or moss on the cladding will absorb rainwater and cause the wood to get damp, so these should be removed as quickly as possible.

You should also keep any grass growing directly against the building, neatly trimmed.

Clear The Deck

Any decking installed around the garden room also needs to be kept clear of mud and moss. Not just because they can lead to damp, but they are also a slip hazard.

Flower pots and garden ornaments may look pretty on your decking, but be aware that in the colder months, the underside of these will be almost permanently wet, and encourage water to permeate the wood.

Reclaim Your Path

Unless you are very lucky, the path running to your garden room will suffer from weeds. Clear them as and when you see them, else your pathway will be quickly overtaken by this unruly foliage. Besides being unsightly, the weeds are also a trip hazard and if your path includes any timber, the weeds can trap moisture in causing decay.

Sedum Roof Success

To give a sedum roof every chance of success, it needs a little TLC. Occasionally you will need clear the roof of debris, add some fertilizer, and top up the plant life.

Declutter Your Gutters

If your garden room has guttering installed, make sure you keep it clear of fallen leaves, moss and the general nastiness that likes to accumulate there. A blocked gutter will overflow and cause rainwater to repeatedly splash against the same patch of cladding, leading to damp and mould problems.

Beware Garden Hazards

Look for hazards in your garden that could damage the building during poor weather. Put away or otherwise secure any objects that could take off in the wind and trim back any flailing branches that may come into contact with the garden room.

With care, maintenance and a little attention, your garden room can remain a useful space for years to come.

Date: 29/12/2013 | Author: Roger Hedges