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5 Modern & Stylish Desk Ideas For The Home Office

Wacky, wild, vintage or modern, your desk is more than just a place to work, it sets the tone for your entire home office. Before you go desk shopping get your preferences and priorities clear in your mind. Sketch out your ideal working environment on a piece of paper, making a list of any key features, or optional extras you would like. Be inspired by this list of flat-surfaced workspaces (desks).

The Barely There Desk

Make the most of the natural light in your office by choosing a desk that's completely clear. If you find the squared off edges, and sheet glass look cold and unwelcoming, seek out a desk bent from a single piece of glass or acrylic, with gentle curved corners. To make the most of this minimalist style you will need to install some seriously effective storage systems in the office, to prevent the shiny glass surface being buried under a mountain of paperwork.

The Storage Genius

To reach peak productivity you need plenty of clear workspace with all your tools to hand. Look for a desk with plenty of built-in storage options to keep everything looking ship shape, and the desktop clear. Cable tidies, shallow drawers for pens, and deeper filing drawers are all useful features.

The Multi-Tasking Desk

If your home office doubles up as a man cave, rec room, or relaxing retreat from the family, you can maximise the versatility of the space by using a multi purpose desk. You can get desks that transform into an easel, a bed, even a pool table.

The Disappearing Desk

Open up your office into a wide, open, flexible space, by using a desk that can be folded flat against the wall. This is only an option for the super-organized home worker, otherwise the prospect of clearing an overcrowded desk before you can fold it down will be so daunting the desk stays permanently upright.

The Modular Desk

Desks made up of multiple smaller pieces are a flexible option for larger offices. You can arrange the desk to be a square meeting table, a long narrow workspace, or an L-shaped area with everything close to hand. Alternatively, move a piece of the table to the other side of the room and use as a handy coffee table beside your executive lounger (essential for the creative thought process), then incorporate it back into the desk when you need to spread out.

One last tip - use tin cans, drinks bottles, or whatever you have to hand to mark out the amount of space your desired desk will occupy so you can see how it works with the other furniture in the room.

Date: 13/05/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges