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5 Innovative Gadgtastic Items to Kit Out Your Home Office in 2014

From the cool and quirky to the simply why-has-nobody-thought-of-this-before practical, there are a wealth of new home office gadgets on the market.

Here's our pick of some of the best, to suit all pockets.

The Z Pen

Whether it's making notes during a phone call or doodling new ideas during a coffee break, there are times when the keyboard just doesn't feel right and good old fashioned pen and paper wins out. The digital pen gives you the best of both worlds. Write with the pen as normal, on any kind of paper and then upload your handwritten squiggles to your laptop. You can even search through what you've written, or convert it to digital text. How have you managed without it?

USB Fridge

Fancy a beer (or something stronger) at the end of a long day but don't want to have to take the h-u-g-e commute back up the garden to the house to get it? Enter the USB mini-fridge . This neat little thing promises to chill and keep chilled the beverage of your choice, and all you need to power it is a USB port. Works well as a self-bribe too, if a cold can of your choice would motivate you to get the accounts done.

Desktop Aquarium

If you're after a little mood enhancing or calming gadget, this one could be it. This Desktop Aquarium comes complete with nature sounds and mood lighting - oh, and a toy fish. We wouldn't recommend using it for a real fish, as it's too small and that would be unfair on the fish - but we reckon the toy fish bobbing about in its little domain is cute enough to calm the most frazzled bad-day nerves.

Grass Charging Station

You're in your garden office, after all - so it makes sense to stick with the outdoor theme. This fab little gadget features a compartment which hides and stores the various charging cables for your phone and other bits and bobs, so that while charging the items sit casually on top of the Grassy Lawn Charging Station. It looks great and it's a practical way of keeping your desk tidy too. Definitely one to get for the home office exec who has everything.

Webble Footrest

Garden offices are fantastic things, but you're not getting the exercise you used to get walking, cycling or otherwise dragging yourself to work every day. As a result, your legs and feet are more vulnerable to problems if you're sat at your desk for long periods. This footrest is unlike any other. A funky skateboard shape and it moves too, adapting to the way your feet and legs move under the desk. Treat yourself to a Webble Footrest so that your pins stay fit and healthy for the long commute home.

It's your space, to work in your way, so take your pick of garden office gadgets which make your life easier, make your work space funkier or simply make you smile.

Date: 11/02/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges