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5 Essential Considerations When Planning A Garden Room

Before you get carried away picking the perfect blinds and selecting your ideal desk, there are five more mentally taxing considerations to mull over.

1. Location, Location, Location

Whereabouts in your garden is you new garden room going to be positioned? To help you decide the ideal location for your new outdoor living space consider:

- When you look out from the house, what view of the garden room do you want? Is there somewhere out of sight you can hide it? If the room will be in full view of the house, consider angling it so that people in either building will be afforded some privacy.

- If you don't want your own family gawping at you through the patio doors, then you certainly won't want the neighbours looking in either. Choose the location and angle of the building carefully, or ask to relocate the position of doors and windows, so your garden room remains a private space.

- Do you want to flood the space with natural sunlight, or do you need to minimise glare on a computer screen? Consider how the Sun travels across your garden throughout the day, and how that will affect the lighting, and temperature inside the building.

2. Let There Be Light, And Power, And Broadband

Many people wanting a garden room are planning on using it as an office, or living space, requiring lighting, heating, power and often Internet access. Before you make any purchase decision, do your homework to check that accessing all of these services is viable, and within your budget.

3. Shhhhh! Keep It Down

We can kit out garden rooms with acoustic solutions to create a soundproof area fit for use as a music room or recording studio. Even if the loudest sound you plan on emitting is the frantic tapping of your computer keyboard, you may want to consider soundproofing the space to keep the noisy distractions from the outside world at bay.

4. Camouflaged vs Characterful

There's two ways to incorporate your new building into your garden:

i) Integrate it with the landscape using a natural colour scheme and carefully planned planting.

ii) Use stunning lighting and elegant design to make it a statement piece in your garden.

Either approach will be successful, so long as you start with the end design goal in mind.

5. Planning Regulations

This is often the primary concern of someone wishing to erect a garden room, and we've become quite the experts of garden buildings planning regulations.

Our structures are designed to afford a comfortable interior headroom of 2.2m, while keeping the exterior apex of the roof within the 2.5m limit, below which planning permission is not generally required. There are rules relating to the position of the garden room in relation to the property boundaries, and the amount of space the new building can occupy, details of which can be found on our (START-LINK) our planning permission page~ planning permission page(END-LINK).

Purchasing a garden room represents a significant investment, requiring careful thought and consideration. Your efforts will be rewarded by the addition of a new sleek, modern living space, just a few feet from your back door.

Date: 19/12/2013 | Author: Roger Hedges