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4 Money Saving Tips to Make Sure Your Outdoor Office Space is Energy Efficient

Your garden office may be saving you a fortune on travel and commuting costs, but is it pushing up your energy bills? We build energy efficient spaces using state of the art, thermally efficient materials, but here are some easy tips to help make sure you keep your energy bills down.

Landscaping Matters

Some careful thought about how you landscape the area around your garden office will pay dividends when it comes to energy efficiency. Think about the orientation of your garden and your office, the path of the sun across your garden and your local weather conditions. Are you in an exposed or sheltered area? Use the natural features of your space, or add new ones, to create an energy efficient landscape.

Plant trees or tall shrubs to offer shade for your south facing windows in the summer. Be careful not to shade too much however, or you'll lose the benefits of the sun's radiant heat.

Create windbreaks in appropriate places using shrubs. This can help to reduce heating costs as it reduces the impact of the wind on your garden office.

Choose Energy Efficient Equipment

These days, all electrical equipment is rated to tell you how energy efficient it is. So if you're upgrading or buying something new, it makes sense to choose equipment which is cheaper to run.

Switch to a laptop instead of a desktop PC. Laptops typically use 85% less electricity over a year than a PC does. Plus it's more compact and portable of course, making it the perfect choice for your garden office.

Read the operating manuals of all your office equipment and gadgets, so that you know how to use them at their most efficient.

Don't leave electrical equipment on standby when you're not using it - switch it off.

If you have a small fridge in your office, turn it down to the lowest appropriate setting.

Light Your Way to a Lower Bill

The cheapest (and most healthy!) form of lighting for your garden office is sunlight, of course.

Take full advantage of natural daylight whenever possible. Position your desk so that you can let the light in without too much glare on your screen.

Switch to energy efficient bulbs for when sunlight simply isn't enough.

Be a Conscious Energy Consumer

Try to get into the habit of thinking before you switch something on or use energy. Being aware of and conscious of your energy consumption is one of the best, cheapest and simplest ways to help keep your bills under control. Plus you'll get brownie points for being more eco-conscious.

Don't print unnecessarily. Think! Do you really need a hard copy?

Only boil as much water in your kettle as you need at that time.

Turn your thermostat down a degree or two and wear extra layers.

If you're working late in your garden office, draw your curtains or blinds once the sun goes down, to help conserve heat.

These simple steps will help to keep your energy bills down, ensuring that your garden office really does benefit your pocket as much as it benefits your lifestyle.

Date: 16/01/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges