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4 Fabulous Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2015

Decorate your space with a nod to one of these forthcoming trends and you will be creating a truly modern interior.

Industrial Design Elements

A trend set to rise in popularity in 2015 is the incorporation of materials and items more commonly found in a commercial or industrial setting. Chunky rope, aged stainless steel, and aged oak barrels can be re-purposed to create a practical accessory such as a light fitting or storage unit.

The trend works especially well if you are using your garden room as a working space such as an office or studio. Incorporating industrial materials creates a stylish yet business-like look, indicating that this is a place of business rather than simply an extension of your home.

Scandinavian Chic

Inspired by their love of light, space and nature, Scandinavian design remains popular. News from the Stockholm Furniture and Lighting Fair predicts that 2015 will be about incorporating natural and floral elements into homes to create a secret garden affect. This trend will work really well in your garden room if it is designed for use as a relaxing space or hobby room.

Environmentally Friendly

The increasing global awareness about the fragile state of our planet has reached the world of interior design. An environmentally friendly room design makes use of ethically sourced products, as well as goods that have been recycled and upcycled. Designers are paying more attention not just to where the raw materials are sourced, but also the ethicalness of the manufacturing process used.

Environmentally friendly designs often incorporate rustic materials such as unfinished wood, burlap rope and linen cloth, reflecting the natural beauty of the world around us.

Opulent Luxury

Another trend set to dominate in 2015 is opulence. More and more people are using their homes as a sanctuary in which to escape from the craziness of everyday life, surrounding themselves with luxury fixtures, soft fabrics and gentle lighting.

Unlike the bling of the 1980s, this luxury look is about creature comforts for the homeowner rather than showboating to the neighbours.

Thankfully interior design styles don't change as quickly as clothing fashion, but in a year or two your once on-trend space can begin to look dated. Keep up with the times by creating a great base to work from. Use simple neutral colours and designs for your permanent features such as wallpaper and flooring, then use accessories, cushions and pictures to update the look when needed.

Date: 18/05/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges