Garden Spaces treats its customers as individuals and therefore we don't believe in 'off the peg' solutions. Instead, all our buildings are available in a range of sizes and configurations so you can create a garden room that fits your available space perfectly. We can also help you tailor the space with external decking so that it complements your garden landscape.

Alternatively, if you'd like to create a completely bespoke building that is perfect in both form and function we can help you realise your plans

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At Garden Spaces we try to avoid 'red tape' wherever possible and have become experts in the area of planning law that pertain to garden buildings. We understand that many of our clients wish to avoid a lengthy planning process so we've designed our buildings accordingly. Currently, we're the only company that can create a 2.5m tall structure and maintain 2.2m internal headroom (without compromising thermal performance) and therefore, in most cases, you can avoid the need for costly, lengthy and uncertain planning applications. If, however, you live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a National Park, the Broads or a World Heritage Site we would be happy to undertake the planning application for you. See our planning section for full details.

Find out more about Garden Spaces buildings that do not require planning permission


Garden Spaces is a national company that operates at a local level, with trained and experienced installation teams, enabling us to offer short lead times. Due to the nature of the materials we use, we can also construct your building from start to finish in just 2-3 weeks. This includes completion of flooring, electrical wiring, a fully plastered and painted interior and any extra decking you may require.

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Garden Spaces has sourced extremely thermally efficient materials for the construction of our garden buildings to ensure they are suitable for year-round use and cost-efficient to run. The combination of Structured Insulation Panels (SIP), toughened UV-protected double-glazing and EPDM rubber roofing means your garden room stays warm in winter and cool in summer. We also offer extras such as full climate control and sedum roofing that can help heat and cool your garden room all year round.

Read more about our thermally efficient construction materials.


We offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on all our buildings which is included as part of the package. This also includes a deposit guarantee, up to a maximum of £7,500, so you are totally covered from the outset.

The insurance cover is supplied by the highly reputable Consumer Protection Association (CPA). The CPA track our performance independently and publish their results annually. We performed excellently in 2010 and 2011 aim to maintain and improve on our outstanding record throughout 2012.

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At Garden Spaces we think business should be very simple. We do exactly what we say we will, exactly when we say we will do it. We demand openness and honesty in every facet of our business activities, particularly when interacting with our clients. That naturally includes a clear and transparent pricing policy with all costs clearly allocated. The price you see is the price you pay and you will find no ‘smoke and mirrors’ with us.

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